All Together is a social enterprise founded to tackle the underlying issues of youth unemployment through the creation of A Better Journey to Work, professional careers guidance and excellence in school leadership.

Well established in schools across the country, we provide A Better Journey to Work that is integrated into the curriculum for effectiveness of outcomes. Our work ensures a schools provision is well received by Ofsted’s new framework and focus on this area of work for schools.
With our All Together Guidance Professionals we integrate A Better Journey to Work into your curriculum making sure no student is left behind.

A Better Journey to Work

A Better Journey to Work is a holistic Year 8 - 13 programme of work delivering schools' new statutory duty to secure independent guidance for students. The key priority of the journey is to better prepare young people with understanding, experience, placements and expectations for employment in current and future job market, with an emphasis on new Traineeships and increasing Internships and Apprenticeships.

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Career Guidance

All Together Guidance Professionals are pivotal in the delivery of the new statutory duty on schools to provide students with Independent Careers Guidance. Mixing traditional, friendly and robust guidance with employer engagement expertise across education and employment spaces, an All Together Guidance Professional brings schools and employers together to create an enriched matrix of careers education both in and outside of school, so preparing young people for an active, working life.

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Achieving excellence in school leadership

Our concierge style service ensures a dedicated, cost effective approach. Our network of formal and informal diverse expertise responds to the exact demands for Careers Guidance, Middle and Senior Leadership and Technological requirements in schools.

Whether its the appointment of a Head of English, or a technological and resource requirement, All Together can help.

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Our Ethos

We are guided by a belief that:

Education must prepare young people for an active and working life
We work with schools and leaders in education seeking to achieve the same
Promoting broad educational values determine a young person’s success
Our practitioners affirm and develop natural strengths of character or experiences alongside traditional academic and vocational aims
Young people must experience many and diverse school experiences of success
We encourage an approach that provides young people with more than the simple binary experience of a subject pass or fail